Tomaž Toporišič is a dramaturge and theatre theoretician. He is a professor in Drama and Performance Studies at Academy for Theatre and Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana. He is author of four books on contemporary performing arts. His latest essays: The new Slovene theatre and Italian futurism: Delak, Černigoj and the historical avant-garde in Venezia Giulia (2014), (Re)staging the rhetoric of space (Neohelicon, 2014) and Deconstructive readings of the avant-garde tradition in post-socialist retro-avant-garde theatre (Aesthetics of Matter, 2013). His primary interests are political and politicized art; PhD Studies in arts: how to put in dialogue theory and practice, thinking on stage / thinking about stage / essay on stage / theoreticised performance art, politics of stage – staging the politics, rhetorics of space.

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