“Dictionary of theatre and performance words and concepts“.

This transversal project could help overcome the misunderstandings that can occur between our different fields of studies (historical, theoretical, aesthetic, sociological, anthropological, performative, etc.). The numerous cultural acquisitions of Performance Studies (post-structuralism, aesthetic, linguistic and psychoanalytical theories, gender studies and media studies) have resulted in a proliferation of both conceptual references and of the meanings of terms in common use (including “performance” itself). It would be useful to define expressions such as  “social theater”, “social drama”, “theater of social interaction”, “proto-direction”, “new interpreter”, “postdramatic “,” after drama “,” intercultural theater “,” Eurasian theater”, and “ Interwearing Performance Culture”. It would also be useful to consider the relationships between various ideas and concepts, starting from a series of elements, such as the coining of an expression (when it was coined, by whom, why), its original meaning, the transformations of meaning, its conceptual framework, the realities it designates, and its contradictory uses. Also of interest are the interactions between the linguistic use of social and historical dimensions, and definitions which, although belonging to distant disciplines, undermine or confirm the use of certain concepts or mobilize corresponding notions in theater and performance.

(proposed by Gerardo Guccini and Daniele Vianello)