Erica Magris


Erica Magris is a Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the Département Théâtre, Université Paris 8 – Saint-Denis, and associate member of the THALIM-CNRS laboratory. Her research concerns the history of contemporary Italian and European theatre, with specific focus on  staging and on creative practices in relation with broad cultural, socio-economic and media environments. Dr Magris has studied new technologies in theatre, intermediality, and documentary theatre forms, as well as Italian playwrights and directors relatively understudied abroad (Giovanni Testori, Luca Ronconi, Virginio Puecher). She has edited with Béatrice Picon-Vallin the book Les Théâtres Documentaires, published in 2019 by Deuxième Epoque and, with Anna Barsotti and Eva Marinai, a double issue of the journal Biblioteca Teatrale dedicated to Generazioni a confronto. Eredità, persistenze, tradizioni e tradimenti sulla scena moderna e contemporanea (n. 127-128 and 129-130, 2019). She is currently co-directing the EUR-ArTeC project Stage and robotics: interactions and interrelations (2021-2023). She has curated the Observatoire critique of two EASTAP conferences (