EASTAP24 Associate Artist: Marco Paolini

EASTAP is delighted to announce that the prominent Italia playwright, director and performer Marco Paolini (“La Fabbrica del Mondo”) will be the associate artist for the 2024 EASTAP Annual Conference.

Marco Paolini  is one of the most important representatives of the civil rights theatre” and “theatre of narration” genres in Europe. He is author of iconic performances and works such as Il racconto del Vajont (“The Tale of the Vajont”), a 1993 performance on the Vajont catastrophe in Italy, performed hundreds of times in the country and broadcast live on Italian state television in 1997.

With “La Fabbrica del Mondo” project, he is active in challenging and discussing the idea of ecosystems in theatre, ecological theatre and creative processes. In 2023, he was the promoter of the theatre project VajontS 23, a collective reflection on the Vajont tale and the future of the environment and climate change. Many artists were invited to create their own production of VajontS, based on the peculiarities of their local area, giving rise to a European event with more than 1000 institutions involved at continental level.