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Statement Against War

EASTAP wishes to express its strongest condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Military. We stand in solidarity with all artists, students, scholars and audiences who are victims of war, human rights abuses and dictatorial regimes, and who do not have the ability or freedom to act against oppression. Theatre, performance and the...


Luk Van Den Dries

Luk Van den Dries is Emeritus Professor of Theatre Studies at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). His research deals with contemporary theatre, with a focus on postdramatic theatre. He wrote several books on the representation of the body in contemporary theatre and on creative processes in performing arts. He is the spokesperson of University of...


Erica Magris

Erica Magris is a Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the Département Théâtre, Université Paris 8 – Saint-Denis, and associate member of the THALIM-CNRS laboratory. Her research concerns the history of contemporary Italian and European theatre, with specific focus on  staging and on creative practices in relation with broad cultural, socio-economic and media environments. Dr Magris...


Martynas Petrikas

Dr Martynas Petrikas is an associate professor at Faculty of Communication of Vilnius University. His research scope includes history of Lithuanian theatre with special emphasis on its political and social implications as well as international dimension of its development. Petrikas has published articles and made numerous presentations at conferences on reverberations of historical experiences in...

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