An Appeal from our Friends in Brazil



To our friends abroad,

In recent days, here in southern Brazil, we have been hit by an unprecedented climate catastrophe. In our state of Rio Grande do Sul, 425 of the 497 municipalities have been affected. There have been countless floods and in some places the water has had a tsunami effect, destroying everything: crops, houses, buildings, streets, highways. In other places, floodwaters reached 8 meters, forcing people to leave their homes. The situation is very difficult, especially for the 400,000 people who have been left homeless.

Artists and performing arts collectives are among the most vulnerable population afflicted by the flooding. Many have lost their homes and/or their studios and workplaces, including working materials, installations, sets, costumes, musical instruments, etc.

This campaign aims to provide emergency aid to these people who need food, warmth (it gets cold in southern Brazil), medicine and the means to rebuild their lives and work.

You can help by sending any amount through the link:

You can use a credit card, it just needs to be authorized for use abroad.

This is a safe way to transfer money, all of which will reach those who need it.

If you prefer, you can make a bank transfer in any amount to:

IBAN – BR65 0036 0305 0185 1592 6502 337C 1


If you are in Brazil and would like to help, you can use PIX

You can see how the funds collected are being used on the Instagram of Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies @estudosdapresenca

We at the Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies would like to thank you in advance for your solidarity. Please share this information about the campaign. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese to